Title/topic date/place

Demonstration program about the use of the techniques of conservation and capture of solar energy in housing.

Speaker at the conference about "a policy for the regional economy”, promoted by “Unione Dirigenti d’ Azienda"

Florence   (1980)

"The use of solar energy in the social housing"

Speaker at the conference ANCPL/ICIE about theme: “The rational use of energy sources of natural resources”

SAIE , Bologna  (1980)

"Criteria for the conservation of solar energy in the multi-storey buildings"

Speaker at the conference about theme: the housing and the efficient energy use in Tuscany

Certaldo (1981)

"Conservation of energy in multi-storey buildings"

Speaker at the seminar organized by the “Region of Tuscany ERTAG” Relation for the updating of the professional construction workers in the field of thermal insulation

Florence (1988)

"Poli espositivi : un tema due architetti"

Exhibition and catalogue with Gianni Pettena. Collaboration with Bob Noorda for preparing the assembly and for the exhibition design of the section about comparative cards of the exhibitions centers

Santissima Annunziata’s Square, Florence (1998)

“Il futuro prende forma - Confronti su Firenze che cambia”

Three works of architecture exposed:

1) Parterre, Piazza della Libertà

2) Student Home, Viale Guidoni

3) Residential Building, Viale Guidoni

Ex Stazione Leopolda Florence (1988)

"Ninety years of social housing in Tuscany"

Conference IACP ATER 1909-1999

Florence (1999)